Lockout/Tagout Compliance Kit

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Lockout/Tagout Compliance Kit

Uses environments which are familiar to employees working with both electric and hydraulic/pneumatic equipment and points out specifically where Lock-Out/Tag-Out procedures should be applied. Created specifically to assist facilities in complying with the employee training requirements of OSHA's "Lock-Out/Tag-Out" regulation, this Kit discusses the OSHA Lock-Out/Tag-Out Standard, including the Energy Control Plan.

Materials in the kit include a video program, a compliance manual, five motivational posters, and 30 employee booklets. A compliance manual containing a "fill-in-the-blank" Energy Control Program, as well as other materials needed to help meet compliance requirements, is included. The posters in the kit emphasize the importance of working safely in Lock-Out/Tag-Out situations. The videotape and employee booklets include information on the regulation itself,

  • "energized" machinery
  • lock-out/tag-out concepts and procedures
  • lock-out/tag-out devices
  • electrical systems
  • hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • ...and more

The video program in the kit comes with a comprehensive leader's guide, reproducible scheduling & attendance form, employee quiz, training certificate and training log.

Available in VHS or DVD

All Compliance Kits are non-refundable